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Why should you invest in Offplan?

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1. Early Bird Discounts: Investing in off-plan properties often comes with the opportunity to take advantage of early bird discounts, which can result in substantial savings.

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2. High-Capital Appreciation: Offplan investors benefit from an increase of their property value up to 30-50% when ready.

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3. Attractive Payment plans: Developers offer attractive payment plans to pay off the property value during construction. Some even offer post-handover payment plans to sweeten the deal.

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4. Rental Yields: Since you bought the property for a lower price during construction phase, your rental yields will naturally be higher than ready properties.

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5. Safe investment: All offplan investments are governed by Dubai Govnerment and Dubai Land Department through monitored escrow accounts (to make sure all investors money is in a safe place).

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6. Best Units: Buying on the launch day of the development allows you to pick the best unit locations in the development.

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7. Opportunity to leverage your investment: Using the attractive payment plans, my expert advice on which units to buy, and the early bird-discount, you can leverage your money to buy multiple units and sell them off for profits without having to pay 100% of the property value.

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