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Oday is a Dubai real estate broker specialized in offplan projects. He is also an inspiring family man who shares his journey to better himself through what he calls “belief work” and mindset-shifting experiences.

Oday’s vision is to become the go-to Dubai offplan investment specialist for international investors within the next 3-5 years.


Oday offers the best offplan investment opportunities in the market to his clients and has learnt how to strategically earn them money while investing.

As part of one of the biggest and most reputable brokerages in Dubai, Oday is capable of offering a one-stop shop for all their real estate needs. While Oday’s expertise is focused on putting investors in the best offplan investment opportunities, the team at Provident Real Estate has a diverse expertise from selling secondary market properties in the most promemnant areas in Dubai (Downtown Dubai, Dubai Marina, Dubai Hills Estate, etc..), to providing mortgage services in Dubai, to offering property managemnet services, to holiday home services, to conveyancing services, and luxury real estate sales services.

Oday has been living in Dubai for the last 25 years with his family and graduated fromm University of Sharjah with a Bachelor’s degree in Civil & Environmental Engineering (Magna Cum Laude). He got married in December 2021 and lives in Dubai with his wife, Yasmeen.

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